A good website – this must be taken into account

November 17, 2021


A good website – these factors must be taken into account

Many companies are dissatisfied with their appearance on the Internet. You want to be displayed in front of the competition on Google and thus win one or the other customer more. The question now arises as to what makes a good website. Often it is the mixture of good usability, appealing design, the support of mobile devices and the Google ranking.

A good website

When the content of a website is rated as high quality by Google

A good website is characterized by the fact that on the one hand it is easy to use, but still appealingly designed. On the other hand, a good website has to be easy to identify and readable for search engines like Google. Because the content of a website, which is often seen by marketing experts as the key to a good internet presence, is becoming less and less important due to search engines. The reason for this is often the insufficient content.

The use of social networks helps to improve visibility on Google. Because, on the one hand, Swiss Post draws users’ attention to the company’s own website in social networks. On the other hand, the posts support Google in conveying the importance of the company and the brand.

Links are another crucial point for positioning and listing ahead of the competition. By referring to another website, Google can locate an industry-specific location.

Social networks should not be disregarded in the marketing strategy. Because the combination of online and offline marketing with the use of social media makes the difference. Search engines like Google have evolved over the years. The criteria for defining good content have become more demanding, which means that outsmarting is no longer so easy.

Set priorities to save money

The implementation of the factors mentioned takes not only time but also a certain budget. Often it is not even necessary to implement all the factors. A cost-benefit analysis should be obtained from a professional. In this way it can be determined which factors should be prioritized in order to have the greatest possible benefit.

Some companies’ websites are technically not up to date. In this case, search engine optimization tears a big hole in the cash register. In order to improve the positioning, advertisements can be placed on Google (so-called Adwords campaigns). These ensure that from the first day of application, Google Adwords brings more visitors to the website.

However, the advertising campaigns on Google are not cheap either. For this reason, it can be more beneficial and sustainable in the long run to bring the technology and content of your own website up to date.

In order to enable steady growth, new content should be uploaded to the website on a regular basis. In order to permanently upgrade the website and to maintain a good ranking position, small contributions for OnPage search engine optimization should be uploaded every month.

SEO – the natural search engine optimization

In order for success to occur, goods / services should be used that are worth promoting, offer users high-quality content and be active in social networks and on your own website. The use of links is therefore not excessive and risk-free.

SEO has been associated with link building in recent years. The Google Panda and Penguin updates caused many websites to lose their positioning. Because the massive link building that has taken place through SEO leads to major problems due to the updates.

The oldest and most well-known signal for ranking are links. Matt Cutts, part of the Google team, made his point of SEO clear in an interview. He believes SEO is in a transition phase. The proportion of people who believe they should buy links is getting smaller every year. The effort behind a good website is immense. In the long run, nobody could fake a search engine like Google to have a good website.

Dealing with the Google search algorithm

The Hummingbird update and changes in the structure of the search algorithm enable semantic searches on Google. This enables information to be linked, conclusions to be drawn and connections to be found. If you put Google like, for example: “How old is the earth?” You get the answer directly. It takes a technical masterpiece for Google to understand the question at all.

After the Hummingbird update, categories or keywords are no longer decisive for ranking, but entities. The whole thing is influenced by theories of graphs, semantics and the use of artificial intelligence. The whole thing is based on a recommendation from Google. Who builds his own brand and becomes an expert in his field. Only on this basis can users of the website be offered high-quality content. The importance of the interaction between PR and search engine optimization is growing all the time.

Users of the Google search engine keep trying to interpret the algorithm. But Cutts doubts that this is possible in an interview. Therefore, website operators should always concentrate on offering their users high-quality content. Because those who always offer high quality content in the long run will get the attention of others on their own.

Search engines like Google and the entire internet are always evolving. Anyone who does not follow the developments directly can hardly assess and understand how important social signals, user signals and OnPage are for a good Internet presence. An expert can interpret the factors mentioned and take measures to improve them.