Better to be found online!

October 22, 2021


If you easier to find online you have to turn the right screws. Companies always achieve the most sustainable effect Search engine optimization (SEO). But what is really hidden behind these three letters? Schwarzer-Knick explains which basic elements should be considered in order to be better found online.

How can I be found better online?

There are several ways to be more easily found online. For example, you can buy ads and banners, but you can also list your company on various industry portals. Or, you can rely on inbound marketing and do what you do best: solve your customer’s problem.

Basic requirements to be found online

One modern website as a starting point

The basic requirement to be found on the Internet is your own website. Almost all entrepreneurs today have their own website. However, most of them are severely out of date. Since an old website has serious drawbacks and sometimes even risks, a new website is one of the first important steps to be found more easily online.

  • Search engine optimization
    Once you have a fast and modern website, you can Search engine optimization tackle. Search engine optimization is understood to mean all measures that improve your ranking in Google and bring your website to the top of the list. This includes technical improvements (e.g. B. SSL certificate, Page speed ), Building links or running a company blog. A company blog is in turn used to conduct professional inbound marketing

    What is inbound marketing?

    Inbound marketing is a marketing process in which companies and products are found by potential customers via search engine queries. The way to get there is through relevant content on the company’s websites.

    How exactly does inbound marketing work?

    When people have a problem or question, they try to come up with a solution or an answer as soon as possible. Since there is usually no expert available who can give a well-founded answer, simply ask Professor Dr. As a rule, reaching into your pocket is enough to preserve “your” knowledge. If you want to be found more easily online, you have to act as a problem solver with your website content and have answers to the many searches on the net ready. Ideally, you will not only provide specific answers, but also have a product or service that will bail you out.

    Better to be found online with useful content

    If you want to be successful in inbound marketing, you need to make sure that your website has the right content. If you write good copy for your website, as many people as possible will land on your website and come into contact with your company for the first time. The main goal is to position your company as a specialist in your sector. The more useful your website’s content, the higher it will rank on Google and the more frequently your website will show up in search results. In order to provide really useful content, the first thing to think about is the following:

  • Who is the target group and what is their buying behavior?
  • Which keywords are searched for and which search queries can the company cover in terms of content?
  • What content is made available free of charge on the website and who writes it SEO-optimized texts ?
  • How can social networks and industry portals increase the reach of this content?

As a company, you have an online presence everywhere

the Search engine optimization is only one way your Online presence to influence. If you want to be found better online, you have to be found online everywhere. And by everywhere, we really mean everywhere! A listing on Google My Business and your own Facebook page are just the beginning. Register on all relevant online portals for the sector (there are more than you think) and use social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube to inform the Internet about your company