How does the customer work in designing the homepage?

Basically we offer our customers a complete Carefree package for creating Websites . After a detailed Preliminary talk in which all important Questions clarified If you wish, we will research professional images, create SEO-optimized texts, develop a design project for your new website and make suggestions for the complete structure of the page, colors, typography and all other content relevant to success. However, it is helpful and conducive to the future success of the website if you provide us with information about certain points such as the services offered, the goals and target groups, the number of pages planned, any design requirements, etc.

  1. Web hosting: do you already have a domain / internet address, if so, with which host (1 & 1, Strato, etc.)
  2. Which products / services do you offer for which target group?
  3. What goals are you pursuing with the website (pure information, generating new customer contacts, etc.)?
  4. Do you provide the texts, images and other media content yourself or do we have to take care of it?
  5. Do you have a corporate identity or a logo that the new website should be based on?
  6. Is there a reference website that you like the design or layout of which we can use as a reference?
  7. Should the website have special functions (photo galleries, news area, individual forms, appointment booking, etc.)?
  8. Would you like to be able to change the content of your website yourself later? 10. For which search term (s) or search phrase (s) should your new website be optimized?
  9. Would you like ongoing support in the areas of data updates and backups and / or search engine optimization?