Google carries out the core update for May 2020!

October 8, 2021


Google Update May 2020!

Also the Corona crisis don’t postpone things: Google has the next Core updates for 2020 carried out. But it can take days or weeks for the effects to be felt. Google’s second core update for 2020 has been made officially presented .

As in mid-January that first core update was published, the world was not yet gripped by the corona pandemic. Today, the most recent update will likely highlight changes that will come with the crisis be in harmony. However, this did not prompt Google to postpone the core update.

New update of the basic algorithms with advance notice.

Since Summer 2019 Google informs the public that it will introduce a basic algorithm update, usually just before a crucial moment.

And just like the first update of the year, the core update was dated May 2020 through an – albeit brief – announcement on the Google SearchLiaison’s Twitter account Publicity communicated : Shortly afterwards, a tweet followed on the same channel, indicating that the update was already in the works. However, Google advises that, as usual, a full deployment could take up to two weeks.

That means that the operators and Webmaster of the site the effects this update may not be felt for several days. It can be assumed that it will be larger due to the typical process Updates as well as the Exceptional situation the corona crisis will again lead to noticeable changes in the ranking of many sites.

The first basic update from Google im Year 2020 showed strong impact , many webmasters reported extreme fluctuations and Ranking losses . While Google’s health sector also benefited from the situation at the beginning of the year, this sector should again be among the winners in the May 2020 update.

The corona virus is becoming a super search term on Google.

There has never been a topic on which so many individual inquiries have been made over such a long period of time as with Covid-19 . Given the global spread of the virus, its novelty, and its massive consequences, this should not come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, Google has made a novelty out of it: In response to these inquiries, Google had already promised last month that local news would be in the SERP box “Top Stories” be brought to the fore. One “Local News Box” was also added. At the same time, Google said that publishers don’t have to adapt to this change.

It can be assumed that many websites that offer reputable and easily accessible information and always breaking news about Covid-19 will benefit significantly from the latest core update. However, how does this relate to the Overall ranking the site operator must be precise watch .

Waiting for the effects

In anticipation of the impact, Google no concrete Propose responses to the impact of a core update. The SEO must be consistent in advance.

Most webmasters will therefore now be curious to see whether and to what extent they and their websites will be affected by the Google core update of May 2020. At this stage, changes such as those caused by anomalies in the search console should be closely monitored.

Webmasters can use the In hindsight do little to mitigate the effects of these updates, if any negative are.

While some webmasters are updating the basic algorithm too Loss of space others find that hard work in SEO pays off. Both effects will be felt in the coming days and weeks – and will certainly also be communicated.

Google always insists that even negative impacts like Ranking losses not necessarily with bad SEO or weak content. However, it can be assumed that the Corona crisis also had an impact on these effects.

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