Google is switching – mobile first!

November 17, 2021


Indispensable in 2022: the Mobile First website

If you walk through the city, you can almost only see smombies. The word smombie is a combination of smartphone and zombie. This means the people who cannot take their eyes off their smartphone. However, it is precisely these people who show that websites are also being accessed more and more frequently by mobile devices. For this reason, a Mobile First website is not only important for satisfied users, but also for positioning in the Google ranking.

Mobile First website user

With a mobile first website, the focus is on the design, performance and usability of the mobile devices. Only when the mobile version of the website has been created and adapted will the desktop version be created.

Regardless of whether it is the time in the doctor’s waiting room or waiting for the next train, search engines such as Google and the World Wide Web bridge this time with the mobile device. Statistics show that by 2021, over 50% of websites will be accessed from mobile devices.

For this reason, companies should adapt their website to the trend. Because if the design and technology do not match the mobile device, the user and potential customer are quickly looking for an alternative.

The mobile first website and influencing the Google ranking

Companies whose customers access the desktop version of the website via the PC, often doubt the mobile optimization and the responsive design.

Even if customers don’t necessarily need a mobile version of the website, it has several advantages. Because the ranking of the website on Google is influenced by the availability of a Mobile First website. A good positioning in the Google ranking can only be achieved by optimizing the website for mobile devices.

Why is the Google ranking affected by the optimization? The answer ist quite easy. Google knows the trend that websites are being accessed more and more via smartphones. So that the user can be offered the best possible user experience, the mobile optimization of the website is included in the indexing and ranking.

Mobile only on Google

The desktop version of a website is becoming less and less important. Since March 2021, Google has been using “Mobile Only”. This means that the desktop content does not affect the index or the ranking on Google. This means that all content such as texts, images and videos should be completely available in the mobile version so that the traffic on the website does not decrease.

Mobile first website: A must for everyone in 2022

The Mobile First website will replace the desktop version next year. In order not to lose the users and customers of the website, there is no way around mobile optimization. In order to be able to implement the optimization, the technical characteristics should be known and expressions such as “meta tag” and “structured data” should not be foreign terms.

A web designer can help with the professional implementation of the Mobile First website. Because he has the necessary specialist knowledge and expertise.