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NVMe web hosting is over 6 times faster

Unleash gigantic web speeds on the fastest NVMe hosting platform in the Internet . This unprecedented Hard drive speed combined with the technical support makes your web hosting experience unlike anything you have ever tried before. Say NO to SSD hard drives!

NVMe hosting – We can offer you the fitting solution for your successful Internet presence. Strong performance for all areas of application, flexible adaptation to different performance levels and comprehensive service! All packages are based on powerful NVMe servers hosted what short loading times and high Guaranteed performance. Trust is included.

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  • Storage 25 GB NVMe
  • Plesk OBSIDIAN
  • 20 databases
  • 500 email accounts
  • 100 subdomains
  • 500 FTP accesses
  • 12 months contract period
  • Notice period 1 month
  • Up- / downgrade possible at any time


  • Storage space 50 GB NVMe
  • Plesk OBSIDIAN
  • 50 databases
  • 750 email accounts
  • 250 subdomains
  • 750 FTP accesses
  • 1 month contract term
  • Notice period 1 month
  • Up- / downgrade possible at any time


  • Storage space 75 GB NVMe
  • Plesk OBSIDIAN
  • 100 databases
  • 1,000 email accounts
  • 500 subdomains
  • 1,000 FTP accesses
  • 1 month contract term
  • Notice period 1 month
  • Up- / downgrade possible at any time

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NVMe web hosting features included in every package!

What is an NVMe hard drive?

NVMe hard drives represent a new generation of hard drives. The abbreviation stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express. The performance can be up to six times higher than with conventional SSD hard drives. NVMe hosting sets new standards in terms of performance and speed.

NVMe Webhosting schneller wie SSD


Structure of the NVMe hard drive

Like conventional SSD hard drives, NVMe hard drives also work with NAND flash storage technology. However, they are connected via PCI Express, which was previously only used for peripheral devices such as graphics cards. This puts an end to the known bottlenecks in SATA data transmission.

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The advantages are apparent:

  • Speed: The PCI-Express connection takes place over eight lanes and accelerates the IOPS (input and output operations) to the maximum – and that with increased bandwidth.
  • Stability: NVMe-based hard drives for data centers ensure stable and consistent performance, which is essential for hosting.
  • safety : Data center models of NVMe hard drives are equipped with protective mechanisms that guarantee data integrity throughout.

Bandwidth with PCI Express

SATA III connections achieve maximum bandwidths of up to 750 Mbps. The PCI Express connection achieves bandwidths of up to 985 Mbps. Since NVMe hard drives use eight PCI Express lanes, read speeds of up to 2.8 Gbit / s are possible.

The increase in bandwidth also affects the latency, which is around 20 µs. With conventional SSDs it is about 5 ms.

NVme Hosting
Website Performance mit NVMe Hosting

Possible applications of NVMe hard drives in hosting

Websites benefit significantly from the higher read and write speeds. They load much faster, which is especially important when a website has a large number of people constantly visiting it. Online shops should therefore not do without such hosting. For databases, NVMe hard drives are ideal for setting up a caching system that optimizes access.

With their high computing power, NVMe hard drives are ideally suited for big data applications with the highest demands on fast loading times – also important for placing online advertising in real time. All other hosting applications such as mail traffic and computationally intensive write processes also benefit from it.