Web design: 7 rules for a professional website

October 22, 2021


Web design: 7 rules for a professional website

Web design guide

Customers keep asking us what it really takes to create a professional and successful website.

Whether it is a new website or a relaunch, a successful website cannot be created in a short period of time. The corresponding Cornerstones on which one professional website are set up before the start of the project.

How to get to your optimal website and how your potential customers will find you on Google, you can read in this guide:

Planning and design of a website

Just as important – like any promising project, creating a website starts with planning. It applies to the one to be addressed target group to determine the text and imagery to be used, the depth of the content to be conveyed and of course the appearance of the design.

Existing company guidelines must also be taken into account. The basis for all connection functions is also determined at the beginning of the project. For us, this includes, for example, an SEO analysis to determine the website to be created for Optimize search engines and lay the foundations for a good one before creating it Discoverability at Google to lay.

The right content management system

Every modern website has a corresponding one Content management system (CMS), which is the basis for a professional homepage forms. WordPress, Typo3, Joomla or Contao: Every CMS has its advantages and disadvantages. But which CMS is right for which project?

This question is crucial in building websites, whether they are small or complex. It makes little sense to use Typo3 as a CMS for a 10-page website if the website operator has no experience with Typo3.

Therefore, before starting work, it must be checked which CMS for the Project is best suited. In our experience, WordPress is recommended for small and medium-sized websites, especially since it is easy to use even for non-professionals. as WordPress agency but we also make sure to optimize the WordPress installation in terms of security. Typo3 would be ideally suited for large website projects, for example with multilingualism and high scalability and user groups.

as Web design agency We recommend and discuss with the customer which CMS is best suited for his project. This way you won’t experience any nasty surprises and you will have a lot of fun with your website in the future.

Website optimized for search engine optimization

There are still a number of agencies that do the job Redesign a website the Search engine optimization completely disregard. Even if SEO is a separate discipline and not a one-time action, it is necessary to consider search engine optimization from the beginning when creating a new website. A search engine analysis should first be carried out here before the SEO is started.

If you keep the above points in mind, you have a great starting point for professional SEO in the future. Even if you are not planning intensive SEO for your website, it is worthwhile in every respect to carry out a basic optimization when creating a new website. With an experienced SEO agency so you can get a lot more out of your new website!

Website content – effort pays off

Content – ie Texts well readable , pictures , Graphics, videos etc – are a real burden when it comes to the content of a website – is a real heavyweight when it comes to rating websites. Not only on the part of the reader: good content plays an essential role for good visibility in search engines.

That is why the Creation of texts Special care is required: Simply copying company brochures, for example, rarely leads to success. A little effort, especially with regard to Google’s requirements, is therefore always necessary.

Creating a homepage: modern web design and ease of use

layout A website could read entire volumes design write, but it’s actually quite simple: The design of a website should “ as if from one piece “work, be consistently recognizable and correspond to the philosophy of the company.

Also a clear one Functionality and fast loading time plays an important role in the skillful and targeted guidance of the website user. Decisive for an optimal implementation in terms of design and user friendliness For you as a customer as well as for the user: The basis for this is laid in the planning and design phase and clarified with you in advance in order to avoid surprises later.

Mobile website for better Google ranking

Gone are the days when a website was only resized to be displayed on different devices such as PC, tablet or smartphone. It has been replaced by what is known as responsive design: the structure of a website is now centralized and is strictly based on the requirements of the end devices on which it is displayed. This affects the functionality and the interaction with the website as well as the layout of the individual elements.

Mobile website – besides the importance of a for mobile devices Optimized website, Google has been penalizing poorly placed websites in mobile search for some time, which have not been implemented for optimal display on mobile devices.

Neither a great design nor perfectly written texts use something. The website must be optimized for mobile devices, otherwise your website will be found poorly or not at all on mobile devices.

Website security – In addition to a host of other technical aspects of a good website, encryption of a website is a necessity these days. This means that all interactions with the website – calls, data input, e.g. in forms – encrypted be transmitted via a protocol between the web server and the user. A page secured in this way is marked with the green padlock symbol in the browser line. The called address then begins with “https: //” instead of “http: //”.

From a serious point of view, websites without SSL encryption should be avoided today.

Creation of a website by an internet agency

From one Company website up to a large website with partner sites:

Website design – As an internet agency, we have many years of experience in creating professional websites. We not only pay attention to a beautiful and dynamic design, but also that your website is from Google found will.