Why is my website not being found by Google?

November 11, 2021


Why is my website not showing up on Google?

You worked months on the new website for your company. But this does not appear on Google. Are you wondering if Google even knows that your company exists?

The answer is disappointing. Your website is online , but that doesn’t mean it will appear in Google search results. Thus, Google does not know that the website exists and therefore does not display it. The SCHWARZER-KNICK reveals why SEO is a must for companies that want to improve the visibility of their website on Google.

SEO the key to customers

Google is the ubiquitous search engine . If a question cannot be answered directly, Google will be asked in many cases. A study by Statista shows that the majority of Germans (approx. 85%) use Google to find retail stores, doctors, service providers or insurance companies .

This makes it a prerequisite for Google to find a website in order to compete for consumers. In order for the website to be found more easily by the search engine, the visibility of the website must be improved.

SEO inquiries
SEO inquiries

The influence of a good ranking

An analysis by the company SISTRIX shows that 99% of all organic clicks take place on the first page of search results. For this reason, the goal of search engine optimization should be to bring the website to the first page of search results for the desired keywords.

Because whether your website landed on page 2 or 90 of the search results is irrelevant for the visibility of your website. Only 1% of consumers look at other pages of search results.

Working with SEO

The search engine optimization SEO, like the design of the website, can be carried out by the company. However, SEO is always evolving. So the question arises whether it makes sense to carry out the optimization yourself. The path that was still in effect a few weeks ago is now turning out to be a dead end.

For this reason, SEO experts are mostly detectives who figure out how Google ranks. By observing the ranking of your website and examining the possible reasons for change, the expert can take important action at the right time. Only through this process can you ensure that your company’s website stays in Google’s ranking.