Have professional texts written for your website

Why professional texts are so important for your website

Professional texts are extremely important for a successful website, because their value goes far beyond a mere presentation of your company. It’s not just about advertising – it’s about information, about real added value for your customers. That’s why professional texts don’t just serve to set you apart from the competition. Rather, it can be used to win and retain new customers. But that only works if your text content differs from the monotony of irrelevant advertising language and standard phrases. In today’s internet there are responsible customers who know exactly what they want. If they feel they are not adequately informed or taken seriously, they may migrate to websites with better texts.

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SEO texts – so that customers can find you quickly

SEO texts are optimized for search engines, for example to be displayed as early as possible in Google searches. For this purpose, certain search terms that are frequently used by customers are built into texts at strategic points and in increased numbers. The great art of search engine optimization is to formulate these “semantic” texts in an informative and entertaining way at the same time. We therefore rely on cooperation with experienced authors who can write professional SEO texts for a wide variety of industries and business models. In this way, the search intention of the users is fulfilled in order to then convince them with excellent texts.

Google’s guidelines for SEO texts are taken into account

Google is still the most important search engine in German-speaking countries. That is why we pay particular attention to taking Google’s guidelines for SEO texts into account. We achieve a high level of relevance for your site by providing all categories of your products or services with optimized texts that contain so-called main keywords and a number of related “keywords”. Together with a logically structured and technically well thought-out page, these measures ensure a high rating by Google’s search robot.

Professional texts are characterized by legibility and structure

We can speak of professional texts when these convince both Google and your customers . For visitors to a website, only clearly legible, clearly structured texts count that provide them with the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Meaningful headings and sub-headings are part of an optimal text structure. Thematically separated paragraphs, which are additionally loosened up by pictures, graphics or videos, make it easier Reading fluency .

As soon as visitors find that they are many on your page helpful information you will also call up other sub-pages to read other texts. The length of stay on your site will increase and satisfied visitors will keep coming back or linking your website to social networks. All these factors also contribute to a high search engine ranking, as your website is unique relevance proves.

Proofreading for your website – check spelling & content

The proofreading is used to ensure correct spelling and is carried out as soon as all content has been written. With all optimization for search engines and the search intentions of the target group, one always has to keep the basics of professional texts in mind. Correct spelling and grammar form the basis of easily readable texts. Our copywriters are of course confident in handling the German language and will write you fluent and error-free professional texts. Your specifications are strictly adhered to so that you can fully identify yourself with the content of your website.

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